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It is hard for me to describe what just happened.

I was lucky enough to be invited along with 10 other therapists from around the world to attend a “gathering” for 4 days in Reijka – Croatia, after attending a 2 day one off workshop in Zagreb

This gathering was hosted by Graham Pennington and Dr. Romney Smeeton.

For me it was like I have been invited to a training camp with Master Yoda and Obi-Wan !

Graham is a TCM & Bowen practitioner, and is at the forefront of teaching a targeted approach to Bowen Technique that I use in the clinic. He has had Romney as his mentor for over 20 years.

Dr. Romney Smeeton is a chiropractor, who for 7 years observed and worked with Tom Bowen in his clinic and continued to run it for a further 15 years after Tom’s death. He has worked in “Tom’s way” for his career often seeing 80+ people in a day. He is the most direct link we have to Tom’s work. Romney is 71 but still in practice and his passion for the work is un-mistakable.

The Group
Tom and his assistant Rene
Myself with Graham and Romney

We meet in Zagreb for the one off workshop titled “Common Patterns & Clinical Practice” where they both demonstrated their approaches to treatment within their clinics. Graham also did an amazing talk on the correlation with Bowen and TCM particularly the way the Bowen moves effect the eight Extraordinary Vessels that flow more deeply in the body and are perhaps even more powerful than the 12 primary channels/meridians.

Zagreb Class
Zagreb Class

Then we spent the next few days digesting and talking about this work. Romney was elated as suddenly this understanding was bring clarity to pages of old notes that he had kept from working with Tom. It showed a new deeper understanding of this work and why it helped so much with various things such as epilepsy, palpitations & other conditions.

4 days were spent observing and questioning these two masters, in the meeting room overlooking the stunning Adriatic sea, around the breakfast and dinner table, over a glass of wine or two this group openly and freely chatted and shared every bit of knowledge we had with one goal, to make “Bowen Therapy” better for every one!

Final Supper
Sunset Learning
Penno formulating his next question...