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The Structure

Tensegrity – Integrity through tension.

The bones in your body float in a sea of soft tissue – they are held in position by tension from your muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.

Think of you body as a suspension bridge, the deck being your bones, and the cables your soft tissue. If the tension of the cables are all incorrect the deck will be mis-aligned and “wonky”.

  You don’t wan’t a wonky bridge

Tensegrity model of a spine
Tensegrity model of a leg

Bowen Technique straightens “your bridge” by adjusting the soft tissue in your body and thus restore function and reduce pain. It has the same philosophy as osteopathy and chiropractic, but comes from the problem from a different angle. When the skeleton is aligned the body works, tension and duress are removed from structures that effect the nervous and endocrine systems, (electrical and chemical controls of the body). Thus the body can function as it is designed too.

So how do the adjustments work?

The “Bowen” moves are designed to activate the mechanoreceptors (nerve endings) in the body’s tissues. There are 4 types of receptors and all are effected by different styles of moves / interventions. These receptors are found in all the connective tissues and even inside the bones. Activating these receptors creates a neurological feedback loop, that effects the tissues getting them to return to the correct tension. This is what straightens your “bridge”.

Mechanoreceptors of the Body
Dr Robert Schleip - Fascia Research Project at Ulm University
Mechanoreceptors Bio-Feedback Loop
Here's to happy strong bridges !