Grateful Family - Bowen

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Phil, our family has good reason to be very grateful to you!  Over the past few years you have worked your Bowen Therapy magic to fix my shoulder injury and sciatica when other treatments had failed and you have helped my husband by resolving very painful muscle problems enabling him to enjoy cycling again.

Recently two members of our family have also benefitted from your expertise.  One has been experiencing a lot of muscle pain,  severe fatigue and muscle spasms. Traditional medicine has not been able to offer much help at all except to refer them for many tests, none of which explained their predicament. Thankfully, you have been able to help and they're now on the road to recovery. It is fabulous to see such an improvement for them especially as the situation was so worrying. Another family member is also benefiting from your care to help with backache. Many thanks Phil, you've made a huge difference with your expertise!