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Specialist in Muscular Skeletal Pain

Co-founder of “Hands On”

Bowen Technique, Healing Massage, Scar Tissue release, Advanced Manipulative Therapy, 

ITEC, OSM Dip, Nim Dip, Ayur Dip, Adv Dip MT, A.O.R.B.T.A. Dorn Dip.

Phil has been treating people professionally for close to 30 years.

He is considered a Specialist in Muscular Skeletal Pain, regularly treating people from all over the country. His work is based on a clear and concise method of assessment that allows him to pin point the primary disfunction within his client's body. Thus enabling him to find "hidden causes" that many other therapists may miss.

Phil also travels all over the world teaching the next generation of Bowen Therapist with The Assessment Led Bowen Training School. 

He now treats all his clients with Assessment Led Bowen Technique he learnt from world renowned teachers Graham Pennington, Ron Phelan, Alastair McLoughlin & John Wilks. He was also invited to go to Croatia along with 10 other Bowen therapist, for 6 days intensive learning with Graham Pennington  alongside one of Mr. Bowen’s  original apprentices, Dr. Rommney Smeeton.

Within his clinical practice time he developed his own “Healing Massage” technique.  Phil works with a holistic approach that successful helped thousands of people including celebrities and even royalty to live a pain free life and gaining him a constant waiting list!

Philip studied at The Oxford School of massage, the Northern Institute of Sport Massage as well as studying  Ayurvedic Massage in India, Advanced Manipulative Therapy at The Midland School. 



The Croatia Group
“I started young, at an early age I had a gift of getting rid of mum’s headaches. Then as now I rely on intuition as my guide and teacher. This has lead me to many great people whom have passed on information to me. To books that have answered questions when required. To every client I see, friend I have, they all teach me, everyday! The most trusted gift I’m empowered with is an innate feeling of what is right and what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. The more I have learnt to trust this gift, the more I have learnt from it. I believe in this work and service. I trust it will work for you “
“Back when I had a job I reviewed massage for a living (yeah yeah, jammy or what?) and I can tell the second someone puts their hands on me if they’re going to be good or not. Phil was good. More than good. Up there in my top five bodyworkers”
~ Jane Alexander (author of: The Holistic Therapy Bible)
Phil clinic days are Hands On Monday – Thurs 9-6pm