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Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

This massage is traditionally from Hawaii & encompasses the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna. This roughly translates as your life force energy. Think of it as the Hawaiian equivalent to Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Prana in Ayurevda. When you are out of balance the effects can be felt physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Lomi Lomi massage helps to stimulate the energy flow and restore good health and vitality.

The main focus of the Lomi Lomi session is to release tension, stress and negative emotions and instead leave you deeply relaxed, with a strong sense of connection to oneself. The body is treated as a whole and the massage is constantly flowing from head to toe using movements that are reminiscent of the waves and tides of the ocean. It is performed with varying combinations of hands, knuckles, fingers and forearms. The full body and under body strokes help to free the energy in the body, leaving it soft and supple. There is no set routine or format to this massage, so no two treatments will ever be the same. You will often have two parts of your body massaged at the same time, for example one arm or hand may be working on one shoulder whilst the other works on the opposite hip. You will undress completely* for this massage and lay under a large sheet, which will then be pulled down so your back is uncovered and then folded in to uncover your legs whilst still fully covering your buttocks and genitals. Women can chose to have their breast area covered or uncovered during the massage on the front of your body and the treatment will be adapted according to your preference.

Heartworks Lomilomi is a traditional 'Old style' Lomilomi originating on the island of Maui. Heartworks Lomilomi uses the hands as an extension of the heart. This meditative form of Lomilomi focusses on rhythm, pressure and breath. Wavelike and rhythmic strokes help the receiver to release deeply held tension and/or blocked energies and patterns. The long, flowing strokes help to flush the lymphatic system and move through deep tissue, relieving stress and encouraging relaxation.
Conscious breathing by both the giver and receiver nourishes the body at a cellular level, restoring balance, opening the heart and creating a feeling of well-being and peace.
Heartworks Lomilomi is more than just a massage, it is an ancient Hawaiian healing art for the body, mind and spirit.

Traditionally Lomi Lomi massage is performed with the client completely undressed with a towel or sarong in place to cover your buttocks and genitals. A breast covering is offered to female clients when they are lying face up. This allows the therapist to perform the unique Lomi Lomi moves, which work the full-length of the body.  I’m happy to treat both men and women but you as the client must respect that Lomi Lomi is a holistic and spiritual massage, and although this is a full body massage your genitals are always covered and it is in no way a sexual massage.


1 Hour  £60

90 Mins  £80