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Cupping Therapy Massage

Full body massage treatment: 

60 minutes full body 

90 minutes full body to include additional deep acupressure techniques.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine. Cupping therapy is used to alleviate local congesting and stagnated blood flow, drains fluid from lymph glands, reduces oedema and releases toxins.

The modern day therapist is trained in this technique for advanced massage utilising multiple sized silicone cups.  The cups are placed strategically on pressure points and are also moved in long sliding motions along and around the spine, muscles and joints, in addition this technique is used alongside more easily recognised massage techniques. 

Cupping therapy differs most notably from regular massage in that it uses negative pressure  the therapist can safely and comfortably travel over the spine and joints, giving this massage treatment a super power boost.


You may be left with temporary marks on the body following this treatment which may appear as  circular light bruising.

Contraindications to Cupping Therapy



Thin skin

Blood thinning medication

Varicose Veins

Broken capillaries

Open wounds

Herpes simplex.




1 hour - £55

90 Mins - £75

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