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Hot Stone Massage

A wonderfully soothing treatment that uses warm volcanic basalt stones to glide over the body. The stones warm the muscles and release any tension stored in the muscle and myofascial tissue.  The treatment will leave you feeling soothed, grounded and totally blissed out.

The heat from the stones is extremely effective at working deeply into the layers of tissues by using precise techniques and therefore helpful at reducing chronic pain and preventing injury. Cold stones can also be used to reduce areas of inflammation.

On a more spiritual level the stones are said to draw out unwanted energy from the body leaving you feeling lighter. So whether you are looking for deep relaxation or injury / pain relief, Hot Stones is a wonderfully versatile treatment.


30 Min – (BACK BLITZ) – £40

1 hour – £68

1.5 Hours – £85

Susan De Muynck
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