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This ancient Ayurvedic therapy, practiced for thousands of years, encourages the body’s innate healing in addition to being soothing & relaxing.
The therapeutic effects of Indian Head massage are varied & include;
Relief from stress and tension headaches, relief of tension and knots from the shoulders and neck, up into the face, which is beneficial to aid ease eyestrain and sinus problems.
The massage last for 45 minutes, and may or may not use certain oils in the hair and on the body. Starting at the upper back, the Indian Head masseuse begins by applying pressure to points that dissolve knots and relax the muscles.
They then move to the shoulders and upper arms to release other common areas of tension, and to the neck and head to release headache-causing blockages and to encourage better circulation of the cerebral fluid. The massage then progresses to the scalp, relaxing the entire head, encouraging circulation and stimulating hair growth. Lastly, the masseuse may choose to perform a gentle face massage that may relieve symptoms of sinusitis & headaches, and encourages good circulation and a glowing complexion.
Indian Head massage also has a remarkable effect of balancing the body to aid with the symptoms of insomnia.


45 mins – £ 48

1 hour – £55

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