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This treatment has been described by some as the “face lift without the surgery”.

The ‘Natural Lift’ Facial Massage is an anti-aging massage that blends techniques from Japanese and Ayurvedic traditions and combines them with facial acupressure points to deliver a gorgeous treatment that tones the facial muscles, reduces puffiness and helps eliminate fine line and wrinkles.

Benefits of The ‘Natural Lift’ Facial Massage

  • improves your complexion,
  • removes toxins from the face due to the lymphatic drainage,
  • prevents and reduces facial lines and wrinkles,
  • strengthens and tones the muscles of your face,
  • balances skin conditions,
  • reduces stress,
  • relieves insomnia, headaches and eye strain,
  • enhances physical and mental relaxation,
  • prevents sagging,
  • helps to minimise the ageing process by encouraging a youthful appearance
  •  balances the energy of your whole body promoting over all well being.

Your neck, shoulders and arms are also massaged throughout the treatment to reduce muscle tension and improve posture.

It is recommended to have 4-6 treatments, ideally once a week, for optimum results and then if you would like the benefits to last, its advisable to have a treatment once a month as maintenance. Compare it to the gym or exercise classes – if you only go a couple of times you are unlikely to see much difference make it a regular thing and the changes become extremely noticeable.


50 Mins – £50

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