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Relaxation Massage

A massage designed to relax you and give you time away from your hectic life.


Deep Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage but with a bit more “oomph”, Deeper pressure is used to still “get into those knots” but combined with the flow of the relaxation massage


These massages can be full body or focus on particular areas of tension for example your back and legs. The relaxation and deep relaxation massages give us an idea of the sort of pressure you prefer during a massage so we can pair you with the best therapist, for you.

All of our therapists will do a full consultation with you and tailor the massage treatment specifically for you.

If you would like a full body massage though, we highly recommend opting for the 90 minute option, it’s lush.


1 hour – £52

90 Mins – £75

Susan De Muynck
Jules Templeton
Pamela Griffiths
Massage Therapist
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