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Assessment Led Bowen Technique


Musculoskeletal Pain Specialist 


The Bowen “moves” activate neuro pro-preceptors (nerves) within the body’s muscular skeletal system. It targets the tight muscles and their attachments to the skeletal system, releasing the tension of the muscles and thus the adverse tension being placed on spinal segments that cause mis-alignments of the spine. This allows for spinal re-alignment without forceful manipulations. Some moves directly target boney structures to target the incorrect alignment, they also initiate and stimulate a release and re-balance in the bodies facia. (This facia is a liquid crystal bio-matrix that covers everything in our body. It covers the muscles, individual muscle fibres, organs and the nerves. Signals are sent through the facia which translates into a safe, rapid self healing process that has few, if any, short term side effects and which typically provides long term relief from pain and discomfort for a large number of clients affected by a wide range of conditions.)

This is why, I believe, Bowen is so effective as it simulates change in all these systems simultaneously, it releases muscular tension, corrects skeletal mis-alignments and activates a fascial release.



Link to medical study: Bowen and Neck Pain

More Information.

More Research in to Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique that we practice in the 21st century is based on the work of the Australian therapist Tom Bowen (1916-1982). It is a style of targeted neuro-muscularskeletal therapy which seeks to restore healthy spinal function by addressing imbalances associated with the pelvis, spine and skull, and then integrates that with the rest of the body.
How I Use the Bowen Technique
I use assessment to target the primary causes of structural dysfunction.

My approach is inspired by the work of Graham Pennington and his assessment tools, to target primary disfunction within the body, Graham’s work has evolved over 30 years of clinical practice, and 20 years with the help of Romney Smeeton (D.C.).  Romney worked with Tom, in his clinic, for more than 7 years, so he had sustained direct learning with Tom Bowen. Tom Bowen’s work is  based on the original philosophy behind osteopathy and chiropractic, but uses different tools to get the results.
My experience is that Bowen works well for most people, but I will actively refer to other professionals when I think that would be better for you.

What Can Bowen Help?

The Bowen Technique frequently offers pain and emotional relief where other modalities have failed.

Bowen Therapy is appropriate for newborn babes through to the elderly and infirm.

The Bowen Therapy can provide significant benefit to clients suffering from the following:

  • Muscular and skeletal problems in neck, shoulder, hip, knees, ankle and back, including sciatica, Whiplash arthritic pain, fibromyalgia…..
  • Frozen shoulder, tennis and golf elbow, R.S.I. and carpal tunnel
  • Problems with posture and body alignment
  • Migraine and recurring headaches, neuralgia
  • Bell’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and the difficulties suffered by stroke victims
  • Respiratory problems including asthma, bronchitis, hay fever
  • Sports injuries – treatment and prevention.
  • Work-related injuries
  • Digestive conditions such as kidney problems, constipation, colic, IBS, indigestion, diverticulitis, colitis and Crohn’s Disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Hormonal, & Gynaecological conditions,  pregnancy and fertility problems, infertility (male and female), PMS, breast lumps , menopause
  • Stress management, ME, fatigue and sleep problems.
  • General relaxation and body balancing
  • Bowen may help during pre- and post-operative periods
  • Children and even small babies respond especially well to Bowen treatment and it is also ideal to keep the body comfortable and balanced during pregnancy

How many sessions will I require?

  • Typically a client will require four to six sessions but the number of sessions is very much determined by:
    • The type of condition which affects the client;
    • The severity of their condition;
    • The complexity of their condition;
    • The length of time that they have had the condition;
    • Their lifestyle (e.g. diet, exercise, pressure of occupation and family);
    • Whether the condition is a single condition suffered by the client or whether the client suffers from multiple conditions (and if so how many).

    The Bowen Therapy is very forgiving and the therapist can work simultaneously on a number of problems. The Bowen Therapy generally provides safe, speedy relief and is usually successful in dealing with long standing conditions.

    At the extremes, simple problems can resolve in just one session and more complex situations may require many more than four sessions. Some problems resolve but require ongoing maintenance to remain symptom free, this is relatively rare, but does sometimes happen.

    If the client experiences absolutely no positive results after the third session, we would seek to find other alternatives with you, rather than proceed with another session.

    Ultimately the number of sessions is determined by the client solely on results. If the client is seeing tangible and measurable improvements and obtaining symptom relief, but the condition is not yet fully resolved we would recommend that the client continue the Bowen Therapy. The final choice is always the client’s.

The Bowen Therapy is not like other therapies. It is safe, effective and achieves significant results.


First Appointment – £55

Follow up £45

Block of 10 Treatments – £410  (non-transferable & to be used within 12 months)

Phil Steward
Muscular Skeletal Pain Specialist
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